WARNING! Beware of touts and Hustlers, operating in private cars, known as gypsy or minicab touts. They illegally solicit from the kerbside, operating without insurance, fare meters and often in vehicles that are unroadworthy. DO NOT ACCEPT THEIR SERVICES.

The London Metropolitan Police have stated that 25% of all rapes and serious sexual assaults are committed by gypsycab/minicab touts.

Please remember, if you request a TAXI or cab from your hotel, always insist on and specify a LICENSED TAXI with a fare meter. Some unscrupulous hotel staff will attempt to persuade you to use a “car service” that they recommend. This is because staff receive bribes from the drivers of unlicensed and uninsured vehicles, sometimes known as gypsy or minicabs or touts. It is you, the customer who ultimately pays, usually considerably more than in a LICENSED LONDON TAXI.