Every licensed London taxi is wheelchair accessible and features a host of accessibility aids.

Features include:

  • Wheelchair ramps
  • Swivel seat
  • Intermediate step
  • High visibility seat panels
  • Large coloured grab handles
  • Low level floor lighting
  • Intercom
  • Hearing aid induction loop
  • Ability to carry assistance dogs at no extra charge

For wheelchair users,access via the ramps allows comfortable boarding. The large, spacious interior allows the chair to be moved into the securing position where the seatbelts restraints secure the chair safely and securely. For passengers with limited mobility the swivel seat extends to the exterior of the vehicle to allow seamless movement into the vehicle. An intermediate step assists passengers with limited accessibility to use the high visibility grab handles to enter the vehicle. Hearing aid induction loops are now standard fitting on taxis and assist passengers who have hearing impairments.


For the last few years loading and unloading wheelchairs into a London Taxi has been incorporated into the driving test element of the Knowledge, most Taxis now have an integral ramp built into the floor which can be extended within about 1 minute onto the kerbside. Taxi drivers are more than happy to assist people with accessibility issues into and out of the taxi, if you do have any issues boarding or alighting from the Taxi please advise the driver who will be happy to assist you.