1. Overtaking/Undertaking an empty/for hire Taxi and taking the first job
  2. Taking the first job when a Taxi that is For Hire has let you out of a road
  3. Setting down on the front of a rank (illegal to set down on a rank) and taking the 1st job
  4. Picking up within sight of an established working rank (except disabled).
  5. Brooming a job on a rank – you should never broom a job on a rank.
  6. Ranks are not linked to the establishment they are outside, they are just a rank, and therefore the driver on point (at the front) should get the first job within 100ft.
  7. Always drive on the inside lane unless you are planning on turning right very soon. This way all drivers know where they are in terms of “who gets the next hail”
  8. Feeder ranks are ranks in their right. So if a job approaches you and you are at the front of a feeder, it’s yours. (a feeder rank is a separate rank that feeds onto another)
  9. At ranks such as Paddington note the number of the cab you’re behind on the Bridge. Don’t go in front of them at the feeding trough.
  10. If you are dropping off while blocking taxis behind for hire, once you pull away, let them pass you. If someone else walks up to you and wants to get in, send them to the taxi behind.


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