On Tuesday, The Taxi Trade stood stunned, as the news emerged of the result from the appeal against the revocation of the satellite office license at Abacus in the City of London.

No reports or statements have been forthcoming from LTPH. The only news report of the case was an email we received from Diamond cars and a couple of lines on the LCDC Blog.

The LTDA had claimed the glory for the original revocation, was it again their fault again that the case collapsed?

We all remember the license fiasco a couple of years ago when the LTDA undercover team produced a DVD that bought about the revocation of 4 major clubs operator licenses. There was a blaze of glory posted all over the net and in the Taxi Trade magazines.

But within days, the clubs minicab services were back up and running again. Since then not one word has been published in the Taxi or other trade media, about the operation or the appeal that followed. We must assume then, after all this time, the cases were lost by the LTDA/LTPH.

An Offer to John Mason Director of LTPH:

So, I offer the Director of LTPH John Mason, the chance to explain what went wrong with this important case (Abacus) by posting the full story on this blog.  We will allow the post to be completely unedited and their will be no “narrow-minded” editorial comment.

We will then throw open the comment box, to the ordinary taxi drivers for discussion. Only insults and profanity will be moderated.

The ball is in your court John Mason.

Article by Jim Thomas AKA Thomas the Taxi.