It has just been confirmed, security officers at the Olympic Park refused entry to Taxis carrying disabled athletes and their wheelchairs.
It has been reported in the Guardian that last week, worried event organisers hurriedly hired black cabs to take disabled athletes to the Olympic stadium, after their official bus failed to show up.

When the convoy reached the Olympic Park, over zealous security officers refused entry to the taxis because they had no official authorisation.

Hannah Cockcroft

Olympic athlete Hannah Cockroft said;
"My coach rang me up and asked, Hannah, where are you?"
"Trying to get into the stadium, actually!"

The security was so strong there that they wouldn’t let anyone in without accreditation, which, of course, the taxis didn’t have.

So my coach was going mental at me and I was proper shouting at him: "This is not my fault!" I was so stressed out. I was thinking: "I’m not going to make my race. What is the point?" It was insane.
There were seven or eight taxis full of us and then one taxi in front full of the chairs. I was kind of in charge of that taxi. Everyone else could just get out and wander off, but I was left there thinking: I can’t leave all the chairs, I can’t carry all the chairs … but I refused to leave them. Anything could have happened to them.

We just ended up shouting at everybody and anybody. "Just let us in!"

Eventually one of the organisers came out and explained everything so the taxi containing the chairs made it in and we could get ready to race.

One of the drivers, John from Essex said;

"We all had our Identifiers showing, matching our badge and bill numbers, but they still wouldn’t let us in. It was soul destroying to see the minibuses and private hire cars waved straight on and yet the iconic taxis were excluded".

So, is this what we can expect if the transport system goes down on the day and Taxis are asked to step up to the plate.
Will we be turned away?